The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Richard Vaughan, provides law enforcement and emergency services to the citizens of the county. The Sheriff’s Office currently consists of 33 state or grant funded sworn and civilian employees. These positions include law enforcement officers, communications officers, school resource officers, court security and civil officers as well as support personnel.

The deputies patrol the 451 square miles of Grayson County, Virginia answering a variety of calls for service. Communications officers in the Dispatch Center receive over 550 calls each month.

The department is dedicated to the service and protection of the community. Please explore this site to learn more about the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.

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The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office recently held its awards luncheon at the sheriff’s office.  Sheriff Richard Vaughan said “I am very proud of our Deputies and staff who work very hard each and every day to serve the citizens of Grayson County.  All of our staff are worthy of being commended for their efforts”.   Four Deputies were presented plaques for leading the department in arrests in certain categories.  The Employee/Deputy of the Year was voted on by staff.

Pictured from left – Chief Deputy David Ashby, Deputy Drew McCraw – Top Drug Arrests for 2017; Top DUI Enforcement 2017 – Jason Carico; Top Criminal Arrests for 2017 – Deputy Jeremy Moss; Employee of the Year for 2017 – Sgt. Doug Waller; Sheriff Richard Vaughan.


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Grayson County 4-H is hosting a share the Fun Event on Sunday, April 29th from 2-4 pm at the 1908 Courthouse in Independence. The event is for 4th - 12th grade students -... t.co/JSJvmasb75
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We become cops because we believe in making society safer for those we serve. The two @GCSOFlorida deputies who were murdered in the line of duty today were doing just that. And as we mourn the loss of these heroes, cops will continue to believe & make a difference—#ItsWhatWeDo. t.co/qLslYFj24b
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Seriously you become cops to do what again?it's sad how cops has to die to protect.but it's even more sad for cops to brake the law and get away with it too.

As a resident of Gainesville and yearly visitor to your beautiful State and to the gracious towns of Galax,Independence and Fries. The out pouring of support from all of the state and local enforcement agencies has been a comfort. I work along with the wives and girlfriends and husbands of our areas LEOs at NFRMC ( a hospital right off of I-75 as an X-ray technologist) Gilchrist is a small town just like Galax, Independence, and Fries. The officers are more than that...just like you brave men and women. They coach little league, the go to games (sometimes UF and sometimes FSU and GA). They go to fairs and festivals and enjoy their time in the Santa Fe and Swannee River fishing. And they have their meals just like you. BTW I just love seeing the K-9 units at the local Hardees there. The officers are very nice and the K-9s are amazing. Thank you all so much for what you were called to do. And it is a calling. We of North Florida WILL heal from this and our officers WILL BE OUR HEROS. Thank you also for the warmth and welcoming hospitality your community shares with its visitors. Its becoming more like home every year.

Nothing but cowards prayer to the familys

Prayers for the families. So sad .



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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Last year, 208 Virginians were killed & nearly 15,000 injured in crashes involving distracted drivers. Ditch distractions & focus on the road ahead. #DDAM #ArriveAlive #VAHighwaySafetyMonth #eyesontheroad @VaDOT @VSPPIO t.co/CUpxNbQtGN
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I agree and when the sun. Is blinding you. By focusing on the road. Means focus on the paint on the road. That helps guide you on your side. It ok to slow down. But not ok to slow down below 30 miles an hour. Due to the people that might be behind you. You got to be aware of your surroundings at all times when driving. In rough situations.sorry that's how I do when I drive all ways looking in my mirrors when traveling straight. And all ways looking ahead. And all ways respecting the vhicle I'm in. That's a safe traveler but sometimes unexpected things happen. And all we can do is hope for thee very best outcome. God bless you all have a safe travel ☮️.

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